Mappleborough Green Pre-School - A safe, caring, learning environment for children aged 2-4 years
Information for Parents

Term Dates - Academic Year 2017/2018

Autumn Term 2017
Pre-School Re-Opens...... Tuesday 5th September
Pre-School Closes.... Friday 20th October 

HALF TERM WEEK - 23rd - 27th October

Pre-School Re-Opens..... Monday 30th October 
Pre-School Closes.... Tuesday 19th December 

Spring Term 2018
Pre-School Re-Opens..... Thursday 4th January
Pre-School Closes....... Friday 16th February

HALF TERM WEEK -  19th - 23rd February

Pre-School Re-Opens..... Monday 26th February 
Pre-School Closes...... Thursday 29th March 

Summer Term 2018
Pre-School Re-Opens..... Monday 16th April 
Pre-School CLOSED - Mon 7th May & Local Election Day (TBC)
Pre-School Closes..... Friday 25th May

HALF TERM WEEK - 28th May - 1st June 

Pre-School Re-Opens.... Monday 4th June 
Pre-School Closes..... Friday 20th July 


Uniform is optional for children attending pre-school, however many parents find it useful to protect children's clothes from the day-to-day wear associated with pre-school life.  Children in the Butterfly & Ladybird Groups need to have a book bag (or suitable alternative) to use with our lending library. 

Uniform Price List

Reversible Coat Waterproof/Fleece
Navy or Red
3/4 years                                                                             £16.00
5/6 years

Fleece Jacket
Navy or Red
3/4 years                                                                             £12.50
5/6 years

Polo Shirt
Navy or Red or Sky Blue
2 years
3/4 years                                                                              £7.50
5/6 years

Navy or Red or Sky Blue
2 years
3/4 years                                                                               £4.50
5/6 years

Book Bag
Navy Blue or Red                                                                   £5.00
One size

If you would like to order uniform please collect an order form or email us with your requirements. 

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